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Perfect Your Lash Application Process with Our Handheld Battery-Powered Fans 


  • Essential Final Step: Our handheld fans play a crucial role in perfecting the lash extension process. With a gentle stream of air, these fans ensure the adhesive dries evenly and thoroughly, creating a secure bond between each lash and reducing the risk of potential discomfort for your clients.
  • Optimal for Safe Application: During and after the lash application, our fans offer a soothing breeze that aids in setting the adhesive without any stinging or discomfort. This final step is vital to ensure your clients' comfort and satisfaction.
  • Flexible and Precise: With adjustable airflow settings, our fans provide flexibility and control throughout the lash extension process. Use it during application to assist in drying and perfecting the bond, and at the end to ensure the glue is dry enough before your clients open their eyes.


Enhance your lash extension process and prioritize client comfort with our Handheld Battery-Powered Fans. Elevate your professionalism and ensure your clients leave feeling relaxed, confident, and absolutely delighted with their new stunning lashes.


Perfect your artistry and prioritize client comfort with the indispensable addition of our handheld fans in every lash extension application.

Mini Handheld Fan


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