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Brand new to the lash industry, Lash Doll's Beauty 5D Blossom Lashes are the latest lash trend to hit the lash world. 


Applied just like classics, these 5D lashes allow you to create full and fluffy volume lashes in quicktime. What's not to love?


Each lash is made up of 5 individual strands/extensions, which are heat bonded at the base to ensure the extensions are seamless and will attach perfectly to the natural lash. 


Lash Doll's Beauty Blossom Lash Trays allow you to create a Hybrid or Volume set like you're using 5D fans! In the same family as YY and W, the 5D Blossom allows you to give a little more fluff. Perfect for a Hybrid or Light Volume and can be priced like such on your lash menu. 


5D Blossom extensions are applied like classic lashes with a 1:1 ratio, but give the set the effect of more lashes without the weight. The bases are straight and flat, allowing for flush application and solid retention. 


Lasting 4/5 weeks 


  • 0.05
  • CC Curl 
  • Available in 9mm-14mm

5D Blossom Lash Trays


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