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Professional Eyelash Cleansing Bottles - Essential Tools for Lash Artists!


Specifically designed for lash artists, these bottles serve as indispensable tools for providing thorough and gentle lash cleansing during your client appointments.


  • High-Quality Bottles: Our bottles are made from durable, high-quality plastic, ensuring reliability and ease of use throughout your lash application and cleansing process. With a sleek design and a convenient nozzle, these bottles offer precise control, allowing you to deliver just the right amount of water for a perfect lash cleanse.
  • Enhance Client Comfort: The gentle flow and precision spray of our bottles facilitate a soothing and comfortable experience for your clients. Effortlessly rinse away impurities, makeup residue, or irritants, leaving your clients feeling refreshed and their lashes revitalized.


Elevate your lash services with these essential Eyelash Extension Wash Bottles. Perfectly designed to assist in your meticulous cleansing routine, they ensure your clients leave with immaculately cleansed and refreshed lashes, ready to showcase their beauty.


Available in white & pink. 

Eyelash Extension Wash Bottles


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