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Pro Brow Artist Essentials Kit - Complete Brow Grooming Set 


Elevate your brow game with our Pro Brow Artist Essentials Kit, the ultimate collection of tools for achieving perfectly sculpted eyebrows with precision and ease. This comprehensive set includes everything you need to shape, define, and groom client's brows to perfection.


Kit Includes: 


  • Traditional Pro Brow Tweezer: Crafted with a classic design, this traditional brow tweezer offers familiarity and versatility for precise hair removal and shaping.
  • Angled Pro Brow Tweezer: Featuring an angled tip for enhanced visibility and control, this tweezer allows for precise shaping and grooming of eyebrows with ease.
  • Choice of Scissors: Select between our Pro Brow Scissors or Pro Brow Spring Action Scissors, both designed to trim and shape eyebrows with precision and accuracy.


Each tool is crafted from high-quality stainless steel for durability and precision, ensuring salon-quality results with every use.



Pro Brow Artist Essentials Kit


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