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YY Lashes are the new volume lashes and proving to be one of the most popular products at the moment. 


Lash Doll's Beauty YY Lashes apply with the ease of 1:1 classic application yet create the volume look 😍


Bring a volume service to your clients as quick as a classic set.


What's not to love?


Applied in the same way as classics, yet create a fuller, softer and fluffier effect similar to volume. 


Lash Doll's Beauty YY Lashes also offer amazing retention due to their straight base, which is music to every lash tech's ears 😍


Each YY fan contains x4 extensions of 0.07mm and are available in individual length trays and mixed length trays (9mm-13mm available), CC Curl. 

YY Lash Trays


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